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About Us - Wade's World Of Wonder

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Wade’s World Of Wonder (WOW) Playground will be an inclusive playground located in Kingwood, WV.

Our goal is to provide a common ground that enables all who have special needs to forget about their daily challenges and celebrate their abilities while teaching all about the value of friendship and compassion!

We have partnered with the Preston County Parks and Recreation Committee (PCPaRC) to establish an all-inclusive playground on a section of a nine (9) acre lot currently owned by PCPaRC. This lot is adjacent to Preston Memorial Hospital and is in close proximity to Preston High School and Central Preston Middle School.

Once the site is prepared, funds will cover the purchase of the playground equipment and installation, installation of unitary surfacing which will allow all to access every aspect of the playground, and amenities to include picnic pavilions, accessible restrooms and water fountains.

Once built, ongoing maintenance of the playground will be maintained by PCPaRC as well as support from an Endowment Fund created by Wade’s WOW Playground Committee who will continue to collect funds for maintenance and support other similar playground projects in the state of West Virginia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build an inclusive playground in Kingwood, WV that is inspiring and truly accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities!

If you would like to help us create this great place where everyone can play regardless of age or ability, then like us on Facebook or contact us to learn how you can get involved!